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    Focuses on Jesus:

    Jesus, the one with whom our faith begins and ends, is the most perfect expression on earth of the will of God. With Jesus in proper perspective we have focus and meaning as a church. We understand our purpose in the world, because he gives us that purpose. Our relationship with the Father, with each other, and with the world are defined by our relationship with Jesus. As a church of Jesus Christ, a group of people called together by him, everything else falls into place when our relationship to him is sound. Thus this congregation strives to better our understanding of and our relationship to him who is our savior and master.

    Stands on God’s Word:

    In the Bible, Jesus is revealed and the story of His interaction with the early churches is recorded. As the Old Testament was the Bible for Christians in New Testament times, so it is an integral part of our Bible today, an example for us of how God deals with His people and sound instruction in healthy living. In the New Testament we find the collected instructions of the apostles and prophets to the churches of the first century. We are a church which looks to scripture as our first and final authority to define who we will be.

    Is Spirit-filled:

    is the age in which God’s own spirit has been poured out by God to inhabit the bodies of men and women. By this Spirit, given to us when we are forgiven, we are continually changed to demonstrate more and more in our lives the qualities of Jesus Christ himself. By this Spirit, given freely by God to us, God marks us as a people who have an agreement with him, and we claim to be his children. With the gifts given to each of us by this Spirit we are empowered by God as instruments of his grace in the world.

    Is United in Love:

    The first thing taught to us by the Spirit is love, learned through forgiveness. Because this same Spirit is one and inhabits each of us, and because we seek each other’s best interests, we are united. This unity of a diverse people defines uniformity and makes use of each member’s uniqueness to form a functioning body of believers where each one does his or her part while esteeming the place of the others. Our Lord says that by our love to each other people will know that we are his followers. This unique sign of genuine New Testament Christianity is a distinguishing characteristic of this congregation of God’s people.

    Meets Members’ Needs:

    Early Christians were a family in which each member worked to help the others in whatever need he had. By allowing God to work in us to reproduce those characteristics of the earliest followers of Jesus we sensitively learn of the needs of each member and work to meet those needs. Thus our love is one of actions and not just words.

    Reaches Out:

    Early Christians were so excited about the changes Jesus had made in their lives that they had to share this good news with others. This church also knows Jesus in a personally exciting way that leads us to reach out to others. As Jesus did, we especially seek to touch those who have been left hurting and bewildered by the work of the devil in our world and who are seeking answers to the questions their lives pose.

    Is Relevant:

    While bound to the teachings of the scriptures as our authority for work and practice, we realize that many aspects of life in the twenty-first century are incredibly different from life in the first century. These differences may include the ways the devil works to enslave people. Our attempt to restore New Testament Christianity does not mean an attempt to freeze ways of life in time as some have chosen to do, but rather to speak the changeless truths of the gospel and the changeless practices for reconciling men to God and each other into the very real time of our day. We have accepted the changes of church buildings, air conditioning, microphones, song books, printed Bibles, pulpits, radio and television, and many others, and we will continue to change the way we present and carry out the changeless practices of the New Testament Church. This church understands the needs of our world and shows to our generation why the story of forgiveness and reconciliation through the blood of Jesus Christ is Good News today. Thus our methods will be applicable and understandable to the lost and dying world of our day while we maintain without compromise what is changeless.

    Honors Her History:

    We are part of a movement to understand and restore New Testament Christianity. We are a people of history and cannot be cut off from the historical events that have brought us to where we are today. Varying traditions are not normative like the universal teachings of the apostles and prophets. These traditions are a part of us, none the less, and will be treated with kindness and respect by us. Respect for such traditions is shown, even if they need to be abandoned in our attempts to conform to the will of God for the church as revealed in the scriptures and to speak the changeless gospel in ways that will be understood by and applicable to the lives of our contemporaries. Human traditions which have marked us as unique among churches in this century are given special consideration as dear to our identity as people of God.