• Our Missions

  • We take seriously the Lord's Command to go into all the world, preaching the Gospel to every person. Many of our members individually support many different missions, but the ones listed below are the ones the Redlands Church of Christ as a whole support:

    Makua Team – Mozambique – www.makuateam.org

    Jeremy & Martha Smith met at Harding University, married, and worked together to form the Makua Team. They, along with five other couples, began their ministry in Mozambique in 2003. Four of the couples, including the Smith’s, settled in Montepuez in the northern Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique. Today, there are three families working among the Makua-Meeto people to establish congregations, raise up leaders, and help them become independent, self-sufficient churches. The Smith’s, along with their four boys, and the two other families (the Howell’s and the Westerholm’s) continue their work with more than 50 churches in northern Mozambique. The Redlands Church of Christ is pleased to be one of the original supporting congregations of this on-going ministry.


    City of Children – Mexico – www.cityofchildren.com

    Established in Ensenada Mexico in 1970, and supported by Churches of Christ across the United States, the City of Children is, without doubt, the finest children’s home is all of Mexico. It provides a loving, nurturing environment with innovative opportunities for education along with the good news of Christ. The Redlands Church of Christ been a supporter for many years, and currently serves as sponsor for one of the children.

     HIV Educational Mission to Southeast Africa – Malawi – www.hivemsa.org

    Bruce and Beth Smith, long time members of the Redlands Church of Christ, established this ministry based in Malawi, Africa. The goal is to educate leaders of churches in southern and eastern Africa regarding HIV and motivate them to work to confront HIV and its effects. The Redlands Church of Christ has been a support of this mission since its inception.

     African Mission Partners – www.pccsihopenow.com

    Peter Mostert; born in Zambia, a long time minister in the Churches of Christ, and a man with a heart for the physical and spiritual needs of African peoples; allows us to participate in providing clean water wells for African communities. That ministry has expanded to include the opening of health clinics in rural areas and more. Peter and his wife Leslie attend the Redlands Church when they are not called away by the needs of this worthy and growing ministry.

     Missions Committee

    Our Missions Committee, chaired by Paul Teeter, watches constantly for mission opportunities. With a small, discretionary budget we attempt to reach outside of ourselves to touch the needs of people in ways that we believe reflect the love of our savior. Some of those are Operation Christmas Child, the Micah 6 ministry, providing breakfast for local fire departments, providing coffee for our local law enforcement officers, and more.